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The body is made up of more or less 60 percent of water, and drinking water has always been the number one suggestion from doctors and dieticians. Staying hydrated is essential because lack of water leads to increased stress and affects bodily functions, such as blood pressure, hormone regulation, liver, and kidneys, etc. Dive in to find some healthy water flavoring options to stay hydrated.

Drinking water can seem a bothersome chore to a lot of people. Adding healthy flavoring is an easy and enjoyable option to meet the daily required water intake.

Healthy water flavoring doesn’t only add flavor to the water, but there are added benefits from it as well. Many packets come with extra collagen, or some have electrolytes fit for athletes or vitamins to meet your supplementary needs as well.

The daily water consumption may vary from different people, but the recommended daily intake is around 11.5 to 15 cups or 2 to 3 litres of water. Some people may have to take more because of personal or health reasons, for example, people who get dehydrated easily.

This includes active athletes, nursing women, and people who perspire more, live in a hot and humid location, get tired easily, or are stressed more often.

Since they are labelled as healthy, the flavoring products should be low-calorie without any added preservatives or additives. They should also have less added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The Healthy Water Flavoring Options

True Lemon Crystallized Lemon

healthy water flavoring

Since it is produced from lemons, True Lemon tastes just like freshly squeezed lemonade. To preserve the lemon flavor at its peak of freshness, essential lemon oil and juice are chilled and crystallized, ensuring that it always tastes like freshly squeezed lemons.

Lemon is a classic addition to water and is done naturally at home, too. But the convenience here is that when you don’t have fresh lemons at home, you can’t possibly be carrying lemons outside. As long as you have a bottle of water, you can add the crystallized product to add flavor to your water.

True Lemon packets have no calories and taste just like a squeeze of lemon. It only has three ingredients with no colors from artificial courses, no added preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no GMO, and no sodium or MSG found in True Lemon Crystallized Lemon packets.
Calories: 0

Natalie’s Blood Orange Juice

Sometimes, simply adding a dash of fruit juice to your water can add a delightful flavor to your water. Freshly made from 100 % blood orange fruits, Natalie’s Blood Orange Juice is created exclusively from Sicilian blood oranges and has a pleasing color when freshly squeezed.

Contains a lot of vitamin C, antioxidant anthocyanins, and folate, which may help to promote a healthy immune system and prevent inflammation. Blood orange juice has no artificial ingredients, GMOs, or preservatives. It is authentically sourced and freshly made by hand with minimum processing.

Nuun Sport: Electrolyte Drink Tablets

Electrlyte-rich drink, Nun Sport tablets, come with delicious and fruity flavors to help replenish the electrolytes lost through your sweat during a vigorous workout. The electrolyte drink tablets also increase the chances of performing well by keeping you hydrated.

The drink tablets from Nuun are keto-friendly and don’t include any artificial flavors or sweeteners; they are specifically sweetened with premium Stevia. Nuun Sport is created with non-GMO ingredients and calibrated electrolytes for pure, guilt-free hydration.

Calories: 15 per serving

Sodium: 300 mg (13% DV)

Sugar: 1g per serving


Hint is a ready-made drink that has natural fruit flavor added to water. Unlike others, it is purified water and does not require you to add any water. It is perfect for anyone who doesn’t do well. It doesn’t use any sweetener or preservatives and instead depends on natural ingredients to provide flavor.

When you taste it, you’ll notice that it has no sweetness at all, which might be good for you, depending on your preferences. The original product is flavored still water, but now they come with other options like caffeinated water, sparkling water, and even an option for children.
Calories: 0

Vital Proteins Hydration Electrolyte Powder with Collagen

Promoting hydration and collagen, this non-GMO electrolyte powder stimulates faster and more effective salt absorption into the circulation, leaving consumers feeling revived and rehydrated. Not only that, but the electrolyte powder also improves better growth and healthy skin. It is supported with 5g of collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals, and 100% DV vitamin C works as an antioxidant to support your body’s normal collagen production.

Calories: 25 per serving

Sugar: 1g per serving

Sodium: 2% DV

Vitamin C: 90 mg (100% DV)

Thing To Lookout For When Choosing Healthy Water Flavoring Options

Low Sugar

One of the best benefits of healthy water flavoring is low added sugar, hence fewer calories. Even if some flavors have some added sugar, it won’t be as much as sodas or beverages, but perhaps close to a diet beverage.

Water flavors are naturally sweetened with fruit, monk fruit, stevia, or other calorie-free natural ingredients.

No Artificial Colors, Sweeteners, or Flavors

Before purchasing any water flavors, it is best to do your research to know more about artificial and natural flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Many products have added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, but finding out if you are getting the right one will be challenging.


Flavoring water not only enhances taste, but many come with beneficial nutrients to improve your health. Collagen is present in a beverage marketed for skin care and cellular repair and electrolytes in sport-related products. Nowadays, the daily intake of nutrients does not meet its requirements, so these healthy flavors help to restore the nutrients in the body.

Final Thoughts

Hydration is made easier and more convenient with healthy water flavorings. These products come with added benefits like nutrients, and some even have caffeine. The above list covers some of the top-picked choices among many consumers. If you are looking for something different or specific, it is best to look at the ingredients and nutritional values thoroughly.